Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sacrifice Rock

Sacrifice Rock or Velliyamkallu, as drawn by officers aboard East India Company
ships during the 18th Century.

These drawings were then used to inform sailors where they were on the coast of India. Many ships arriving at this part of the coast had last sighted land at the Cape of Good Hope, and often they had only had Dead Reckoning to sail by.

It was important as soon as they saw the Indian Coast ahead that they could work out where exactly on that coast they had made landfall.


Devasahayam said...

Where is this rock situated on the Indian coast?

srthampi said...

nick your blog is amazing!
we in india dont have access to maps or insight into how daily life was. thank yuo so much for taking time to reasearch the articles. i especially liked thearticle about simple details of daily life as in when u brought that article about children being solf off in kannur? telessery? for money .
can i ask a small favour please. i am from trivandrum. any chance you can throw light on travancore life froma a british point of view.

trhanks mate

Jyothi Arayambath said...

Interesting to see a country's history being manipulated by the so called authentic maps! Does that occur to you that the maps could be wrongly marked, with place names difficult to pronounce for the westerners, or the lack of proper communication along with the subservient behaviour of Indians would have contributed to the patchy recording of history?

Chetan L. Pujara said...


I have been there to the rock which is offcoast from a place near to Cannanore, I had stayed full 2 days on the rock using Ham Radio there with Mangalore Amateur Club Members. The place is really amazing and I have photographs taken from the rock... Its a nice place.
Chetan L. Pujara

Anonymous said...

I think you are talking about Sathyan, Tourism Police and not Sujith Kumar

Techi articles said...

It is almost 15 kms away from Mahi beach Mahi is an enclave in kerala under pondicherry administration.

Vacancies Online said...

It is real beautiful place with long history. It has a long story to say about the naval fight between King Samoothiris Naval fleet headed by War hero Kunjhali Marakkar and the Portugese navy during the 15 the century

Job forum said...

It is a nice tourist attraction --- lots ppl visit these place...journey through see is amazing aswell as scary